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This Plugin is for both MV and MZ


  • Choose from various Algorithms and Techniques to randomly generate Maps during Playtime!
  • Create Dungeons, Forests, Castles, Worldmaps, and more
  • Easily define chests, enemies, switches, or whatever you need
  • Spawn switches for puzzles
  • Use a seedable PRNG to re-generate maps*
  • Self Switches are stored and loaded automatically*
  • Save & Load everywhere and anytime, your generated map is persisted*
  • A Return Item that lets you save your location and return to it later*

Features having the * are not part of the free trial.

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Free Sample Project

The free version contains all algorithms that have been released yet. 

The free version works in RPG Maker's "Testplay" only - an exported game using the free version aborts on launch. The free version does not provide all the features of the full version.

Use the free version to

  • check out if you like this Plugin and feel comfortable using it
  • check if it still fits your current Project. You can always contact me about incompatibilities but be aware that in some situations, I cannot fix any incompatibility, so you are safest by just testing it first


The free sample contains:

  • all the Map Generation Algorithms that have been published to this point
  • a Sample project with more than seven setups

The full download contains:

  • The sample project as described above
  • another Sample demonstrating the addons

You can import the samples in both MV and MZ. Create a new project in your favorite engine and copy-paste this content into your new project directory.

Terms & Conditions

  • The free trial comes with limitations and it will work in Testplay only.
  • Add „Aerosys“ and „Lantiz / Biterkid“ into your game’s credits (as I copied parts of his code with his consent)
  • Don’t distribute this Plugin on any other site, just link to this place
  • Parts of the Source Code are obfuscated. You are not allowed to de-obfuscate or reverse-engineer the Code
  • You are allowed to modify un-obfuscated code to your own needs


Aerosys' Blog – Random Map Generation in RPG Maker

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Join the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/FRF2YDBR8h

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(MZ & MV) Random Maps during Playtime | RPG Maker Forums (rpgmakerweb.com)

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GenrePuzzle, Role Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsDungeon Crawler, JRPG, maze, plugin, Procedural Generation, Roguelike, Roguelite, RPG Maker


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(1 edit)

Update: I did it, just turned the room chunks into corridors and it's done :)
*The different floor tiles was just for me to identify the Different snippets combinations.

I'm going to purchase it soon :)

Wow, this is really creative! I haven't thought this far. Nice to see I made someone happy! :)

Hello Aerosys, I am planning on buying your plugin for the project I am working on. However I have a couple questions that I'd like to ask to know if I'm able to achieve with this plugin what I'm looking for.

I'm trying to create maps that have corridors that are only 1 tile wide, and rooms that are made of 1 tile only. Each room must have a specific event on it, and certain events may be scattered through corridors.
For context, I am aiming to create a map like that of Darkest Dungeon, that can be navigated using mouse. (it's a simplified take on exploration so we can save on environment graphic creation)
Here's a sample of how it's supposed to look (btw I would achieve the rooms looking bigger by just having a big event graphic, they'd still be 1 tile only):

Would this be doable?

The other question I have is, can this plugin be used on a game deployed for mobile? I know some plugins aren't compatible with mobile, so  would like to confirm that.

I hope to hear from you,
Thank you!

Hi Creative Ed,

thanks for your interest!

Well, there's an algorithm "Rooms & Corridors" that looks a little bit like your screenshot. I'm a bit confused with "rooms that are made of 1 tile only". However, there's no algorithm to make something that looks exactly like your screenshot, I'm afraid.

There's a free version that enables all the algorithms so you can try them out for yourself. Only the deployment of your game and some add-ons are restricted to the full version.

Yes, it is platform-independent. If you encounter issues on Mobile, I'm here to assist you or give a refund in the unlikely case that it would not work.

Best regards


Hey Aerosys, thank you for your response!
Unfortunately as they are I'm not sure if they'll be able to achieve what I need. I will try doing some experimentation. Used to work around RPGMaker's limitations, so I'll try the same mindset here haha
In terms of the rooms being 1 tile only, in my game the rooms will be simply 1 event that when interacted with spawns a battle or a cutscene, that is why they need to be 1 tile only. After that's done with, the player progresses to the next room.
Is it possible to edit/create new algorithms? How hard do you think would be to make a change like this to one of the current algorithms?

Everything else is great news!
To be honest even if it ends up not being a fit for the current game I'm working on, this is hands down the best plugin I've seen for Random maps, and I have a couple games planned that will require the types of maps exactly like the ones already provided on the plugin, so this will definitely be useful for me. You did an amazing job, congrats.

One last question, do you plan on improving the World Map algorithm? It looks great sometimes but the edges are all straight lines, which makes it look unnatural. Is this something that will be improved in the future?
Maybe using a second noise pass applied to the edge area to cut out the edges could do the trick (just throwing it out there)


Well, I designed my code so that a developer could modify some (not all) algorithms and even add his own. The js file MK_RPGMaps_Algorithms.js is readable and hence editable.

However, I made the experience that most RPG Maker developers are overwhelmed by such power; hence I decided not to support this feature anymore officially. If you are interested, you can write me at m.kampermann@gmail.com, and I will check if I still have some documentation to share with you.

Yes, I think I will improve the Worldmap algorithm, as other people have already requested more improvements for this topic.

Thank you for your great feedback! :)

Hi Aerosys ; I've purchased your tool, and you've already been a great help on rpgmakerweb's forum :)
A quick question though, what would be the best way to simulate an infinite dungeon ?  with staircases in each floor leading to the next floor instead of common entrances, just like in Stardew Valley if you're familiar with :)

I felt like your Mystic Tower template is quite similar to my request, but i'd like to be able to regenerate the floor as the character takes the stairs, to prevent the game from managing to much floors and actually simulate the "infinite spelunking". The player wouldn't be able to go to the previous floor, but would be asked if they want to exit the dungeon.

I know it's quite specific but I thought it might help some people around !

thanks a lot ! You rock !

Hi Olahm,

thanks for your nice message!

So I see 2 questions:

  • The snippet-less plugin builds paths to the maps border instead of drawing an exit as a B layer object. When you use the snippets and want to have something similar, you can go into Plugin Manager -> a Template -> Exit Mode. You will need an Event with "parallel process" to check whether the player touches the map's end. You can check out the forest from my Addons Sample.
  • When you want staircases, I think you want to use the snippets and draw staircases, just as I did with the Mystic Tower.
  • Regards the "infinite dungeons": If you want to use the Meta Maze, you may use ridiculously high numbers for its size. Floors are NOT generated until the player reaches them.
  • However, as you would not allow the player to go back anyway, the easiest way would be not to use the Meta Maze and tell the Addons Plugin not to use seeding (there's a Plugin Command for that). Basically, do it the same way as I did with my "all Algorithms" Sample.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you are stuck.

I'm glad you've answered; and so fast, you're very dedicated !

  • Oh, I get the difference between those now. But what I intend to reproduce is this : 

Each floor is "standalone", as no connexion between them visually appears !
I couldn't found for "Exit mode" because I was looking for the "with snippets" plugin ! Found it now.

  • Oh I thought using a meta maze was mandatory ! So in order to enter a dungeon, the strict minimum is to call a comment event for the dungeon generation + place the player ?

It did help,  thanks for your time !

Hi Olahm,

sorry, Itch hasn't sent me a mail notification.

Yup, the Meta Maze is optional. All you need to do is to transfer the player to a "Space Map" and use a Plugin Command to generate a map.

Looking at your draft, you really should check out how I did the sewers. Because,  by default, the exits are put on the map's end, but the sewers Template puts them anywhere. You can copy-paste the sewers Template from my Sample right into your Game and give it any name you wish ;)

Hello. I've found an issue where the Special Assets (enemies and chests) don't spawn. At first, I thought this was only a problem with my project, but they don't seem to spawn in the demo project either.


Thanks for the report, gonna fix it!

Hello! When I downloaded the free version to test, I get this error message- this is even after moving the files from the zip file to it's own RPGMaker(MZ) project. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Because this file doesn't exist in the plugins for me.

Whoops, my bad, sorry.

Fixed it for you ;)

Before I buy this great piece, I have a question to ask. Do I get to have the map in my MZ, so I can do some editing and decorating, and save the map for later use?

I'm very bad at creating maps. This plugin looks much more powerful than MZ's dungeon generator, so I hope it can help me to generate better maps.

Yes, but please read further. I created a separate plugin to export generated maps, but it's not been released yet on itch. However, you can grab it from my Discord (link is on my site aerosys.blog) or write me a mail (mail@aerosys.blog) and I can give it to you sooner.

The Map Export feature is going to be free and not paywalled.

is this really the ONLY plugin like this for MZ?

Sorry, I got no mail notification about your comment.

I only know about Biter Maps, which is discontinued and was written for MV but may still work in MZ as the relevant code bases are quite similar.

Are there some limitations when using in MV? Or is the MV and MZ functionality the same?

Code is the same for MV and MZ :)

Hmmm... above some pictures you have written ''MZ only'', so I assumed there are some functions for MZ only... if not, I'll most probably be buying your product soon.

Well, Plugin Commands are a feature that came with MZ to make Plugins more user-friendly. However, Plugin Commands are just convenient functions, not a gameplay feature. I think this blog post describes how Plugin Commands work https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/blog/using-plugins-in-mz

So the answer is, my Plugin provides the same features for MV and MZ, but the way you call them differ. Why don't you try out my free trial first? ;)

(1 edit)

I use many plugins with plugin commands in my MV project, so I'm not sure what you mean... but if plugin commands for your plugin don't work in MV, does that mean I will be using script calls in paralel events?

Ah yes, I did a mistake. MV has Plugin Commands, too, but in MV they are just one-liners. My Plugin doesn't support them, instead, you are right, you use JS script calls. But you know, doing a Plugin Command or a Script Call doesn't make a big difference. On my website, in the tutorials, and in my free demo, I show a lot of script calls that you can safely copy-paste and you're done!

Wow, this is pretty cool. I am using MV version 1.5.2, is this compatible?


thanks for your message!

I already own 1.6.? so I dont know. I recommend you to try out with my free Demo and if something goes wrong, don't hesitate to tell me! Or you just upgrade your Maker and Project version.

I'm back!

I downloaded the demo, added all the files to a brand new project.  I am able to launch playtest but every time I enter one of the small "rooms", I get errors like

$dungeonGenerator is not defined

$noiseMapGenerator is not defined

Is it because I'm on 1.5.2? Thanks

It could be, yes. When the game crashes, please press F12, go into "console" and make a screenshot of the whole window. I really want to see what goes wrong, I'm sure this problem is solvable.

I think it's more efficient when we write on Discord (see above) or mail (mail@aerosys.blog) 

Okay, I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, I'm trying it on MZ and it's awesome! I'll definitely buy it!

Thank you for your praise and support! :)

Amazing! Thank you!!

Thank YOU for supporting me!

wow, this is exactly what i was hoping to find! but i do have one question - would it work in VX ace?

Thanks for your message :)

I'm sorry but MV / MZ Plugins never work in VX Ace, that is because MV / MZ uses Javascript and Ace uses Ruby. However, you may like this Script for VX Ace: Kai Monkey's Random Dungeons! -- Now with Version Two! | RPG Maker Forums (rpgmakerweb.com)

OOOOH this is useful - thank you for the link!

(2 edits)

Really cool. I saw that this works with MV3D. But can I use this with models .obj and generate auto region restrictions to can't cross them?

One more thing, I have in mind the next idea: Create a beautiful forest in 3D whoch use models .obj, tileset, etc. And at some point the forests stop, for example, I leave the City 1 (created by me) and right now I am on the procedural forest, when I achieve the third forest generated the next Teleport will send me automatically to the city 2. I attached 2 images, 1º the forest that I am looking for in terms of possibilities with this procedural system, is not like the Dungeons (5x5  blocks) the areas are open and way bigger. 2º The idea of maps generation. Keep it up! This is amazing!

Hey, thanks for your message!

As far as I tested it, it is compatible with MV3D. If you find any issues, let me know to fix them. The compatibility with MV3D is a decent selling point, so I always ensure it works fine.

Yes, everything you describe is already supported by my Plugin. You can try out my Sample Snow Forest directly in your Browser here: Play Online – Aerosys' Blog. It contains 3 random Maps, and then the Player is transferred to the next Area.

Don't forget there's a free demo in which you can try out almost every feature to check if it fits your needs!

so i do exactly as your tutorial says but it till says error Sippets map not found what am i doing wrong

Thanks for your message.

Hmm, so far it looks good. Can you show me your Event that transfers the Player to the Space Map and calls the Generator?

If you have any other Plugins active, you can try to switch them off to see any incompatibility towards other Plugins.

Now i see the problem i wasnt transferring the player before calling the generator. 

Nice to hear it works now :)

Instead of a maze, could this be used in dungeon situation? Say I create 90 possible floor layouts each with their own puzzles, tilesets, and mob types. Can I make a dungeon using this plugin, that would randomly select 25 of those 90 floors, put them in a random order, so while I descend the tower, it feels random and different each time I play?

Then to make things more fun, do you think I can set a floor buff that increases all enemy stats by 5% times the number of floor you are on?

Also, can I make it so the 25th floor always leads to a random boss room?

Im asking a lot, I know. Im just trying to understand how specific this plugin can help me.

As the free version contains about 90% of all the features, I recommend you just try it out ;)

When using this Plugin, you make Plugin Commands or JS calls to generate a maze, so out of the box, you can build whatever you want! I see you want to build a Rogue-like Game?

There's no limitation on the number of levels or floors. So with some eventing and variables, you can build a tower, that transfers you into a randomly-chosen type of dungeon floor, e.g. rock cave, ice cave, etc. I usually use a Variable "Progression" here that I increment every time the Player finds the exit, so given your question, you can transfer the Player to a Boss Room once the Variable reaches 25.

Raising the enemies' stats sounds like a cool idea! You will need another Plugin to do so, that will read in the Progression Variable, unfortunately, I don't know if such a Plugin exists.

So all in all, this Plugin generates Maps. Purchasing the Full Version gives you access to a seedable RNG, however, anything else, whether you want to have your game rogue-like, rogue-lite, persisted maps, etc. is up to you.

Not exactly a roguelike, I just would like to have a rogue-like tower built in a "Lost City." My idea was that my protagonist and his party would eventually take over the town as a recruitment base of operations. And through the game you'd recruit members ala- suikoden to restore the town, and periodically delve in the for various reasons. Would also serve as a way to test your party before deciding on your team to continue the story. (Also figured I could put hidden super bosses in it too)

Well, I don't see any obstacles in your plan with regard to my plugin :) You will need some eventing and a few variables, but yeah, that's definitely doable!

Can you generate dungeon floors everytime a dungeon is entered rather than at the start of a game?

Yes absolutely, it's up to you! Actually, in the Free Version, there's no other way than to randomize every time.

This Plugin originally does not pre-generate dungeons on Game Start, but every time you enter it. By purchasing the Full Version, you can use a seedable RNG to make your game feel like dungeons are generated on Game Start.

Hi Aerosys, I want to use your plugins for my project but I have the following question:
In my game you can enter a dungeon that has for example 6 Floors.
Each floor is one map. Inside the dungeon the floors inside the dungeon should all be random generated but should stay the same and loot chest should stay opened. When exiting the complete dungeon (back to the overworld) it should reset everything, then if i go back to the cave every floor is newly generated and all chest have new loot. you should also be freely able to walk in between the floors.

Hi Intervention,

I'm already developing a "save Self-Switches" function that allows you to save the state of loot chests and to reset them on command, because using a seedable RNG looses its power as useful gameplay feature when Players can exploit loot chests by going backward and forward. I plan to release this feature within the next 2 weeks, 4 weeks at the latest.

Alright, thanks for the answer, so dungeons can also stay the same and be randomized at command later right?

You can feed the RNG with any variable, so yes, you can safe your seed until the Player is inside the dungeon and as soon as he leaves and re-enters it, you choose a different seed. You can set the RNG's seed anytime.


I love the idea!!! But is it for MV, MZ or maybe both?

It is for both :)

Thank you for a quick answer.