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This Plugin is for both MV and MZ


  • Choose from various Algorithms and Techniques to random generate Maps during Playtime!
  • Create Dungeons, Forests, Corridors..
  • Place Assets (B-Layer objects) randomly but still logically
  • Create switches that must be found first to continue the journey..
  • Use a seedable RNG to re-generate Maps

MZ only

Free Demo and Full Version

The free Version contains all algorithms that have been released to this point. The free Version does not contain the possibility to save in game within a randomized area. When reloading a game, the randomized area won't be reloaded from the save file. The Full Version also supports a seedable RNG that you can use to pseudo-persist Maps. You can go back to areas, which you already visited before, and the area will look the same. This includes looted chests as well.

Use the free Version to

  • check out if you like this Plugin and feel comfortable using it
  • check if it still fits your current Project. You can always contact me about incompatibilities but be aware that in some situation I cannot fix any incompatibility, so you are safest by just testing it first
  • in the end you can still make a simple Roguelike game without a saving function in randomized areas ;)

The Download of the Premium Version contains another Sample Project that explains you how to use the seedable RNG.

More features will come in the future!


The free Demo Download contains:

  • all the Algorithms that have been published to this point
  • a Sample project with more than 7 setups

The full Download contains:

  • A Plugin containing these Features:
    • Seedable RNG
    • Save Self Switches
    • Save in randomized areas
  • Another Sample

Sample Plugins can be imported in both MV and MZ. Just create a new Project in your favorite engine and copy-paste this content into your new Project directory.

Terms & Conditions

  • Once purchased or downloaded a free Version, you can use my Plugins in any projects, including commercial ones
  • Add „Aerosys“ and „Lantiz / Biterkid“ into your game’s credits (as I copied parts of his code with his consent)
  • Don’t distribute this Plugin on any other site, just link to this place
  • Parts of the Source Code are obfuscated. You are not allowed to de-obfuscate or reverse-engineer the Code

My Website

with all the Tutorials you will need: Aerosys' Blog – Random Map Generation in RPG Maker

RPGMaker Web Forums

(MZ & MV) Random Maps during Playtime | RPG Maker Forums (rpgmakerweb.com)

Updated 2 days ago
Published 18 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsJRPG, plugin, Procedural Generation, Roguelike, RPG Maker


Buy Now
On Sale!
10% Off
20.00€ 18.00€ EUR or more

In order to download this Plugin you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 18.00€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

RNGMaps_Addons_Sample.zip 8 MB

Download demo

RNGMaps_FreeVersion_Sample.zip 8 MB

Development log


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Hi Aerosys, I want to use your plugins for my project but I have the following question:
In my game you can enter a dungeon that has for example 6 Floors.
Each floor is one map. Inside the dungeon the floors inside the dungeon should all be random generated but should stay the same and loot chest should stay opened. When exiting the complete dungeon (back to the overworld) it should reset everything, then if i go back to the cave every floor is newly generated and all chest have new loot. you should also be freely able to walk in between the floors.

Hi Intervention,

I'm already developing a "save Self-Switches" function that allows you to save the state of loot chests and to reset them on command, because using a seedable RNG looses its power as useful gameplay feature when Players can exploit loot chests by going backward and forward. I plan to release this feature within the next 2 weeks, 4 weeks at the latest.

Alright, thanks for the answer, so dungeons can also stay the same and be randomized at command later right?

You can feed the RNG with any variable, so yes, you can safe your seed until the Player is inside the dungeon and as soon as he leaves and re-enters it, you choose a different seed. You can set the RNG's seed anytime.

I love the idea!!! But is it for MV, MZ or maybe both?

It is for both :)

Thank you for a quick answer.

A bug has been reported in the Snow Forest and will be fixed soon!